Introducing PubeCoin

Mission & Vision

PubeCoin’s mission is to fulfill the people’s dream of using pubes as a secure and dependable means of payment and at the same time make the experience fun and entertaining. The goals are quite ambitious yet simple and attainable. With PubeCoin’s unique brand and the entertaining concept of paying with PUBE, we envision a massive community of mainstream users who prefers to use PUBE in carrying out financial transactions, accept it as a decentralized medium of exchange, and acknowledge it as the universal digital currency of the future.

PubeCoin Payments

PubeCoin Payments is a payment solution that can be easily and seamlessly integrated into any businesses who wants to accept PUBE or any cryptocurrency as payment. For instance, to pay for a service or product, the buyer will only have to scan the seller’s QR Code and press the Payment button. The underlying PubeCoin protocol will then execute the transaction by transferring the required amount of PUBE to the seller’s address. If for instances the seller only accept a particular cryptocurrency other than PUBE. The PubeCoin protocol will initiate cross-chain liquidity by searching the quickest and cheapest pairs using the available cryptocurrencies on the buyer’s wallet. Using the same cross-chain liquidity, the PubeCoin App allows on-demand swapping of PUBE Tokens to any cryptocurrencies of their choice or vice versa. By pressing the Swap button, the protocol will similarly scan for the quickest and cost-efficient crypto pairs then recommend it to the user to initiate the token swap.

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Token Sale Bonus

Token Sale: April 7, 2021
Price: $0.04


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PubeCoin aims to usher in the era of using ‘pubes’ in financial transactions by digitizing humanity’s thousand-year-old desire to pay with pubes instead of cash